Pet Food

Not only do we provide nutrients pets require, we also take pride in the fact our pet food is rich in meats, from classic chicken to beef, fish, rabbit & veal. All our products are 100% complete and do not contain any artificial preservatives or dyes. Teo is loved across many countries in Europe and we are excited to be bringing it to you, for all dogs & cats to enjoy.

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Best Food for Pets


Best Food for Pets


At TEO, our two most important values are Quality & Safety,
which is why our food has been developed using the latest research and technology. Because we wanted to make sure, that our food will not only be tasty, but also provide your pets with 100% complete, life-long nutrition.

Our Mission

My TEO company was created out of passion for animals. We have always thought about providing great pet food that would fit into the normal price range. We want every animal to have a chance to experience 100% of the natural food that gives them all the necessary nutrients and what is more has a delicious taste as well. Our CEO Arek Marczewski since childhood was closely associated with animals and now after years, he decided to fulfil his dreams and start a company with dog and cat food.
Our pet food contains all necessary nutrients that are necessary for the healthy and proper development of your pet. Thanks to our passion and love for animals, we try to give them the best possible.

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