Do you know how to protect your pets against heat?

High temperatures – How to protect dogs and cats from hot weather? Together with experts from the Pupil Institute of Animal Nutrition, we have prepared a handful of valuable tips – Read carefully.

On hot days, our dogs and cats, like humans, are looking for shelter from the sun. High temperature and high humidity are the risk of overheating, heat stroke, etc., which also threaten our pets. This is a serious problem, because the dog and cat can “give back heat” to the external environment only by evaporation from mucous membranes (popular wrapping) or sweating. However, sweat glands are only found on the feet, therefore this way of “cooling up” of animals in high heat is not sufficiently effective.


So how do you protect your dog from heat?


NEVER leave your pet in a closed car! It may result in heat stroke and premature death. The car heats up very quickly, and the ventilation or open windows do not provide sufficient air circulation.

Shorten your walks, especially during the hours when the sun is the strongest (12.00-16.00). Enjoy the cooler mornings and late evenings, your pupil will be grateful.

Give your dog access to fresh water. Your dog at home and outside (holiday travels, hiking) should have access to fresh water. If you are out, take a bottle of water and a bowl with you. Remember to exchange water at home several times a day. Some dogs will be grateful if you throw a cube of ice into a bowl of water, but remember – they may have sore throat

During hot weather, cool the room in which the animal is staying, use external and internal blinds that will stop the sun’s rays, turn on the fan or air conditioner. Remember, however, not to set the airflow directly on the animal.

If the dog likes water, provide him with the opportunity to bathe. A plastic pool for children filled with water will be a great pleasure for him on hot days.

Regularly comb the dog – it will help maintain proper body temperature and skin hygiene.



How to protect a cat from heat?


Provide him with constant access to fresh water. Supply additional bowls with water in various places. Remember also that the cat does not drink a lot of liquids, and most of the water gets from moist food, so make sure that it increases the amount of wet food (cans, sachets, dish, home diet) in the heat.

During hot weather, ensure that the cat has the right temperature at home, use external and internal shutters that stop the sun’s rays, provide ventilated or air-conditioned rooms.

Let the cat “laziness” and do not get involved in the game or shorten its time, especially if you cannot provide an air-conditioned room at the same time.