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Obesity in dogs

Labrador dog

Obesity in dogs is an increasingly serious problem in United Kingdom and results from bad eating habits. Overprotective owners, unfortunately, lead their dogs to obesity, which is really harmful to health of animals. In addition, there is often a lack of physical activity that we should guarantee to our dogs. For the health of your […]

Do you know how to protect your pets against heat?

High temperatures – How to protect dogs and cats from hot weather? Together with experts from the Pupil Institute of Animal Nutrition, we have prepared a handful of valuable tips – Read carefully. On hot days, our dogs and cats, like humans, are looking for shelter from the sun. High temperature and high humidity are […]

Which dog breed will be best for you?

    Do you love dogs? We too! They are the man’s best friends. Are you wondering which breed of dog will be best for you? If you plan to buy a dog and you do not know which race to choose, read our article. IF YOU LIKE TO RUN Jogging is your hobby? Do […]